Ideas to Improve this “Sad” Corner of the Living Room?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: We have a sad, sad corner in our living room and it’s vexed me for months and months. First, it’s dark (there’s a porch with overhang outside those windows). Second, the walls are “builder beige” (off-white) and painting is not an easy option because the room is “great room” style– in other words, this wall stretches all the way across the dining room and into the kitchen.

Third, the size and placement of this wall is just odd enough to make one framed print feel too lonely, but several frames feel cluttered (it’s right next to the TV and mantel). I am considering a pendant light but haven’t found one I love yet. And I’m considering moving the red chair to another room and replacing it with a more neutral chair/ loveseat here. Oh, help!

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