Ideas to Steal: 5 Grocery Store Tips to Develop Your Decor

published Apr 1, 2015
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You go there every week to fill your fridge, but just how much attention have you paid to the decor at your favorite grocery store? Not enough! From smart space planning to draw-your-eye blue light specials, your mega mart has plenty of stellar ideas you can steal for your own space. Let’s take a look.

Get yourself some good lighting

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You know we constantly extole the virtues of great lighting in your space and the grocery store really gets it done. Every aisle, every few feet another overhead fluorescent bulb is bearing down on you. It’s like shopping on the surface of the sun and we love it.

Try vertical storage

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The grocery really knows their stuff when it comes to stacking. Boxes of cereal, bins of produce, there’s nothing they won’t pile up to save space. It’s really convenient, especially when you want that one tomato at the bottom of the stack. Produce avalanche? It’s a small price to pay.

Use zones

If there’s one thing grocery stores have down pat it’s organization. You’d never find a chicken next to a pear. They know that physical and psychological separation is important in order to feel calm and comfortable. Same goes for your space. Whether it’s a room divider or just a clever paint color switch, creating zones at home is key to feeling efficient and orderly.

Get professional help (when you need it)

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Sure, you cook a lot of your own food but know when to turn to the pros! Sometimes you just don’t need to know exactly how the sausage is made; let this guy stuff it for you. Just look how much he loves meats! Same goes for your home. There are things you can DIY and plenty of times it’s worth it to just go ahead and pay someone else to do the hard work.

Have a plan (but be flexible)

Show up with a shopping list but be sure not to roam the store with blinders on. Keep your eyes peeled for new, exciting items, things on sale (time to stock up!) and listen to your own heart and mind about what sounds good to you. Don’t be swayed by a cooking show you saw, or a recipe your mom clipped out of the local newspaper and mailed to you. Take inspiration from everywhere you can, but remember, you know yourself best.

So, what has your grocery store taught you lately?