Ideas to Steal from a Standout Swedish Kitchen

Ideas to Steal from a Standout Swedish Kitchen

Nancy Mitchell
Mar 1, 2017
(Image credit: Frederik Paulsen)

Some kitchens are humble and utilitarian. Not this kitchen. This is a kitchen that's meant to be looked at. Taking up one wall of a Stockholm apartment, it serves as a place to cook but also as a focal point for the whole room — part kitchen, part art piece. If you'd like your kitchen to stand out from the crowd, here are a few standout details that are worth stealing for your own remodel.

Cabinets in an unexpected color.

One thing that makes these cabinets stand out is their unusual detailing, but even if you don't have the budget for custom cabinetry, you can still embrace an eye-catching and unexpected color — like black.

(Image credit: Fredrik Paulsen)

A bold backsplash.

The whole kitchen is stunning, but it's really the backsplash that makes this space. Surrounded by all that black, the jewel-green backsplash shines even brighter. It's a bright spot of color that draws you in, and closer inspection rewards the eye — the backsplash is composed of what look like stained wood tiles. Subtle variations in color give the backsplash an appealing bit of texture and movement, and the exposed grain of the wood almost resembles marble.

(Image credit: Fredrik Paulsen)

A sink that makes a statement.

We've talked before about how the popularity of the farmhouse sink represents a movement towards sinks (and kitchen fixtures in general) that are not just functional, but also meant to be looked at. While it doesn't have the distinctive apron front, this bronze sink, protruding boldly above the countertop, is practically a piece of sculpture. The bronze and green are especially pleasing together, perhaps because you often see them together in nature.

(Image credit: Fredrik Paulsen)

A wall mounted faucet.

Adding to the drama of this particular sink is the faucet, which appears in an unexpected wall-mounted orientation. It's a unique touch, one that elevates the faucet to a design feature in the space, and also makes the area around the sink easier to clean (although this particular sink might present some issues).

(Image credit: Fredrik Paulsen)

Taking advantage of the full height of the space.

Because cabinets come in standard sizes, and ceiling heights often don't, many kitchens feature an arrangement where cabinets cut off a few feet below the ceiling, leaving you with an awkward gap, and a lot of lost storage space. This kitchen, on the other hand, takes advantage of the full height of the space with a double row of cabinets (and hopefully a stepladder somewhere, although maybe the inhabitants are just very, very tall). If your kitchen can accommodate it, consider a double row of full-height cabinets — or a row of shorter cabinets above the first.

Want to see more? There are more photos of this kitchen on the website of the designer, Fredrik Paulsen.

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