If Sales Keep Growing, Will Smartphones be a Necessity?

If Sales Keep Growing, Will Smartphones be a Necessity?

Taryn Williford
Jun 11, 2009

In the top five most awesomely awkward moments that forced social networking events provide, this has to be up there: Exchanging contact info with a possible parter who doesn't have an email address You cock your head and scratch your chin and wonder why this otherwise smart and successful individual doesn't take advantage of the instant communication that email can provide. Well, the NY Times' Steve Lohr hypothesizes that smartphones will be the new email...

Apparently, sales of BlackBerrys, iPhones and the like are on the rise and projected to increase by 25 percent this year.

Ok, so that doesn't mean that the ol' 12-button send-and-receive-calls phones are going anywhere right? Wrong. Despite smartphone sales jumping, overall cell phone sales are expected to decline. More and more each day, a bigger percentage of the mobile-phone-using population will be carrying lean, mean, email-and-Web-surfing machines in their pockets.

The article goes on to suggest the idea that smartphone sales are increasing because of their value as both a communications tool and as a status symbol. Check out the whole story here at NYTimes.com.

Image from bradleypjohnson at Flickr with a Creative Commons License.

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