Take the Quiz: If These Pumpkins Were Designers, Who Would They Be?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Do any of these remind you of someone? Perhaps a certain stylish person whose interiors or home goods you admire? Here are ten decorated pumpkins, along a list of well-known designers. Take a look at them all, and see if you can match up the image with the correct name. You ready?

Here are the pumpkins, with a short description of their/the designers’ style:

  1. Playfully tongue-in-cheek and a happily modern design.
  2. Unique curiosities, found objects, and idiosyncratic home goods.
  3. Luxe drama with a hint of punk.
  4. Signature multi-colored chevron stripes.
  5. Electric pops of color against inky, dark backdrops.
  6. Soft, feminine tones with a relaxed Victorian vibe.
  7. Stark, modern design often pairing white with bright colors.
  8. Stylish and tailored, paired with personal objects from around the globe.
  9. Geometric and trellis patterns in bright, graphic colors.
  10. Modern baroque with dramatic oversized pattern and stripes.
And here’s the list of designers to try to match up with the correct pumpkin. Scroll down to the very bottom of the post for the answers.

A. Missoni B. Kelly Wearstler C. Abigail Ahern D. Rachel Ashwell E. Dorothy Draper F. Karim Rashid G. David Hicks H. Jonathan Adler I. John Derian J. Nate Berkus

And bonus question: If YOU and your style were a pumpkin, what would you look like?

(Images: 1. Jaime Rose; 2. The Junk Haus; 3. Jaime Rose; 4. Alisa Burke; 5. Chatelaine; 6. Country Living, via Babble; 7. A Night Owl; 8. Just The Bees Knees; 9. In My Own Style; and Brit.co.)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)