If We Had Three Wishes: Money-Saving Apps We Wish Existed in Real Life

If We Had Three Wishes: Money-Saving Apps We Wish Existed in Real Life

Brittney Morgan
Sep 1, 2016
(Image credit: Taryn Williford)

You may be trying to save up for a big purchase, or maybe you're just trying to pay off your debt—either way, saving money isn't always easy. Temptations like takeout and shopping can get in your way, and we feel your pain. It's too bad these apps don't actually exist to help us kick our spending habits, but we can dream, right?

For the frugal foodie:

Problem: Seamless and GrubHub are easily some of the most delectable technological developments of our time. Takeout from tons of restaurants that you don't have to call and order or drive to pick up? Priceless—well, not exactly. After a long day, it's easy to walk right past the kitchen, plop yourself down on the couch and order food right from an app on your phone, but all that delicious delivery adds up and subtracts from your bank account.

Solution: An app that tackles your takeout habit, one order at a time. You set a reasonable weekly limit based on your lifestyle, and when you're considering splurging on Seamless beyond your usual amount, the app sends you a little push notification about your spending habits.

For the susceptible shopper:

Problem: You're in line to check out at Target and you realize you've got way too much stuff you don't need in your cart. Like everyone else who's ever stepped foot in a superstore, you came in to get "just a few things" and somehow fell victim to all those well-placed product displays and sales on items you'll never use. You don't need those throw pillows, but they're half off, and they seemed like a good idea at the time.

Solution: An app that allows you to plug in your shopping list, then alerts you whenever you put something that isn't on the list in your cart, to remind yourself to assess whether or not you really want or need it. That way, you never panic in the checkout line again.

For the coin collector:

Problem: You're constantly coming home with loose change, but you never remember to put it in one place or to take it to the Coinstar machine when it's worth something. Now you've got pennies and quarters in every wallet, jar and pocket you own just waiting to be used, but finding it all is a commitment you just don't have time to make.

Solution: A super-smart virtual piggy bank that, one, reminds you to put your change in a designated place each time you come home, and two, scans your coins for you, keeping track of the total so you can recognize your savings in real time—no counting required on your part.

Would you use any of these? What's on your app wish list?

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