If You Could Choose One Permanent Place to Teleport to From Your Home, Where Would You Pick?

published Oct 12, 2017
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It’s Apartment Therapy reader month! Join us every Thursday afternoon for Homebody Happy Hour—it’s your chance to unwind with fellow design fans and unload your thoughts on some fun conversation topics.

Home is where the heart — and the coffee, bed and blankets — is. But as much as we love reveling in the homebody life, society and sanity both require that we get out of the house once in a while.

Between late trains, plane delays and insane highway traffic, getting where you need to go in the world can be capital-“s” Stressful. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were each granted the use of a very niche but very effective pair of teleporters? One you could drop at home and another you could set up anywhere else you wanted in the world? Where would you go? That’s what we’re here to hammer out in this week’s open thread.

This week’s topic:

If You Could Use One Permanent Place to Teleport to From Your Home, Where Would You Pick?

Here’s how this whole Homebody Happy Hour thing works: I’m going to tee up a question, and start the conversation with a few responses provided by the Apartment Therapy Media staff, which you’ll find below. Then, all of you take over! Hop into the comments and let us know what your teleportation destination would be. Feel free to respond to other commenters’ answers, too!

Here’s what some of our staff had to say:

“My parents’ house. Goodbye New Jersey transit!” — Taylor Nulk, Audience Development Associate

“Part of me wants to say Target for practicality, but Philly because my best friend lives there.” — Brittney Morgan, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

“The office would be nice, but I would never get any exercise.” — Anne Ebeling, Senior Video Producer

“For practicality’s sake the corner bodega would probably be the best, especially in winter.” — Kevin Hoopes, Finance Assistant

“I guess New Zealand? I’ve never been but would want to get the most out of my teleportation miles and also I like Flight of the Conchords.” — Nora Taylor, Editorial Coordinator

“I want to say something like Amsterdam, but practicality and filial devotion demand that I say San Jose, CA.” — Henry Chen, Senior Web Designer

“I hate how cliche it is but it would probably be Paris. Paris or London. Paris or London or Amsterdam. Okay maybe Glasgow. No wait — Alaska? This is too hard, I can’t pick one place!” — Adrienne Breaux, House Tour Editor

“Any exit north of me on the 405 during rush hour would be ?” — Jean Simon, Web Engineer