How to Find a Rental with Tech Included

How to Find a Rental with Tech Included

Taryn Williford
Mar 16, 2012

There are plenty of perks that come with being a renter. Like not having to mow the lawn. Or fix the air coniditoning. Or buy a TV. (It's true!) If you find yourself shopping for a rental and a TV (or computer, or washer & dryer) at the same time, kill two birds with one store and find yourself a unit with a few tech perks.

Search for "sublets," "condo rentals," or "rent by owner" spaces. Corporate apartment complexes typically rent you four walls, a floor and a ceiling without much else. If you want to rent a space with a TV, computer or other tech perks included, search for regular homeowners looking to rent out an unused space. Narrow down your search with keywords like "TV included." Or you could just...

Negoatiate for tech perks. A condo owner moving across the country might be planning on taking his washer and dryer with him, but you can try your hand at negotiations with private owners. When you've made a decision on the space, say you'll agree to rent only if the washer and dryer stay in the unit, just like you might with furniture. He might see a benefit to renting his unused condo quickly, plus he won't have to move the heavy laudry machines across the country with him.

Ask your broker. If you're working to rent through an apartment broker, ask if they can sweeten the deal with a TV. We've heard of some apartment brokers that gift their clients with high-tech presents (like an iPad or flat-screen TV) for renting a $2,500+ apartment with them.

(Image: Flickr Finds: TV and HiFi Come Together)

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