IKEA Is Bringing High End Art to the Masses

published Feb 24, 2018
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(Image credit: Norrhassel/ IKEA Today )

Blaming millennials for nearly everything you can think of has become an unfortunate trend, but we’re happy to report that there’s a reason to give the generation a thumbs-up for influencing the world in a positive way. In addition to wanting smaller homes and killing off doorbells, please join us in giving them credit for IKEA’s upcoming launch of Hasselblad Masters photography.

The furniture retailer will launch the collection called NORRHASSEL at all its stores in August 2018 as a way to help spread access to fine art to the masses.

According to IKEA’s research, millennials are putting a higher value on emotional rather than functional elements at home, including unique art and design.

“Photography is a vital way to express yourself and showcase the world from your perspective. In this day and age with social media, this form of expression and art has become even more popular, creating a whole new group of everyday photographers,” says Marcus Engman, Head of Design at IKEA. “With this collection of images, both IKEA and Hasselblad aim to inspire people to continue capturing the world while offering stunning photographs to those looking to make their home unique.”

(Image credit: Norrhassel/ IKEA Today )

The collaboration with the renowned brand will feature eight exclusive images snapped by award-winning photographers Dmitry Ageev, Tom D. Jones, Lars van de Goor, Bára Prášilová, Ali Rajabi, Joachim Schmeisser and Hans Strand. Both nature and portrait photos will be included in the collection.

“We want to share our love and passion of photography with the world and give a wider audience the chance to discover new art created by Hasselblad photographers,” Hasselblad Marketing Manager Bronius Rudnickas said in a press release. “This collaboration is a way to inspire people by bringing world class photography into their everyday life. Each image was hand selected for its beauty, composition, and aesthetics so that they add a level of emotion to your home.”

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