IKEA Art, Obama in the Home, Santa Monica’s Fight to Ban the Plastic Bag, and a Poor, Poor Dog

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

TGIF everyone. We begin this lovely Friday morning with some miscellaneous tidbits from across the blogosphere, including artwork created from IKEA furniture, the phenomena of Obama artwork in the home, Santa Monica’s fight to ban the plastic bag, and the dilemma of finding your child has tagged the dog in permanent marker (!)…

Motorized Ikea Lack Table Sculptures: Strange and wonderful re-imagining of ubiquitous pieces from the favourite discount furnishing retailer as art. [via IKEAHacker]

Obama Memorabilia Displayed in Homes: The LA Times discusses the Obama in the home phenomena (we’ve taken our poster down from the window finally, but only because the sun faded the ink).

Vote on Santa Monica Plastic Bag Ban Delayed: The plastic bag industry has threatened the city with a lawsuit, thus delaying the vote on a city ordinance banning one-use plastic and biodegradable plastic-like bags in Santa Monica.

How to Get Permanent Marker Off a Dog?!?!?!?!: We like how this blog post’s title is “Maxwell did it again!”. Bad boy, Maxwell!