IKEA Benjamin Stool Makeover

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The IKEA Benjamin stool is one of those super versatile pieces that comes in handy when you have kids. We use ours as stools, as the base for make-shift sensory tables, and as little tables for drawing or for snacks. They’re looking a little beat up these days and could use a coat of paint or two.

But instead of just painting them, we saw this inspirational photo of a madeover Benjamin stool on a German site (So Leb’ Ich), a custom masterpiece by the child of the house. We imagine some light sanding, a few coats of white paint and good black paint markers are all you need to pull this off. It elevates the ordinary into a personalized work of art.

Also check out this Benjamin hack which used two stools as legs for a play table.

(I checked the IKEA website and it doesn’t look they’re selling the Benjamin stools anymore, but perhaps you already have one at home.)

(Image: So Leb’ Ich)