8 Trends That Will Be Huge in 2020, According to the IKEA Catalog

published Jul 31, 2019
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Credit: IKEA

Flipping through the new IKEA catalog each year gives us more than a just peek into what new products the retailer is adding to shelves; it’s a window into what will be big in interiors in the next 12 months. The pages are packed with inspiration, and this year we narrowed it down to eight trends we expect to see a lot more of in 2020.

Credit: IKEA

1. Colorful monochromatic kitchens

For the past couple years, we’ve seen a lot of two-tone kitchen cabinets—usually with a lighter hue on the top and a darker tone on the bottom. While having all your cabinetry match isn’t revolutionary, this deep hunter green gives us cozy cabin vibes.

Credit: IKEA

2. Pattern maximalism

The pendulum has begun its swing from minimalism back to maximalism, and we’re not mad at it. This space showcases that there’s no such thing as too much pattern; features two bold, eye-catching designs that you wouldn’t necessarily think go together, but somehow work well.

Credit: IKEA

3. Broken stripes

One of IKEA’s most popular rugs, the 2017 STOCKHOLM, proves that offset stripes aren’t a new idea. Though this version manages to be both fresh and a throwback; it feels almost pixelated on a cushion cover (and rug, and doormat).

Credit: IKEA

4. Wall collages

We’ll admit that this trend isn’t for everyone or every space, but if you feel stifled by the rigid confines of frames, know that your art can commingle on your wall in a glorious explosion of color and pattern—and look cool while doing it.

Credit: IKEA

5. Matching your wall to your furniture

There’s never a shortage of monochromatic rooms in the catalog (we’ve already mentioned it for kitchens), but this form of furniture camouflage can be quite beautiful and calming.

Credit: IKEA

6. Colorful square tile

From zellige to cement and everything in between, we’ve seen a lot of tile trends. If you’ve ever questioned that style is cyclical, let us present these simple but colorful square tiles. While white bathrooms reigned supreme for a long time, color keeps creeping back in, and these find-em-anywhere squares suddenly look fresh (and will save you some cash).

Credit: IKEA

7. Irregular backsplash tile

Whether you love or hate an open floor plan, one challenge is defining your spaces. But those boundaries need not be so rigid, especially when it comes to this charming take on a kitchen backsplash. The hexagon tiles aren’t trimmed to fit flush with the cabinets, and there’s even a section that creeps into the dining area.

Credit: IKEA

8. Moody bedrooms (especially plum)

Some people are team light and airy bedroom, while others represent the dark and moody side. This deep plum is a perfect shade for the latter camp—and not the typical gray or blue.