The Best Thing You Can Buy at IKEA Only Costs $1.29

published Jun 2, 2018
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The first place you want to stop when shopping for your home is IKEA. Whether you’re moving into your first apartment, first home, or moving to a new space, there is always a reason to shop at IKEA. It is affordable, but not cheaply made. The store is full of inexpensive finds that are total lifesavers around the home. Not only that, you can hack just about any furniture item sold at IKEA.

However, the best buy you’ll find at IKEA isn’t furniture and it isn’t a kitchen gadget. It isn’t one of their tasty food items either. No, the best thing you’re going to buy at IKEA is their classic bag!

For just $1.29 the classic blue (or yellow, depending on the store) bag is an IKEA staple. You might not have thought of it as an IKEA product, but honestly, it is a lifesaver. It helps you out right from the get-go when you enter IKEA. As you shop, you always start to pick up things as you go and by the time you reach check out, your arms are full and tired from everything you’ve grabbed along the way. Rather than wear your arms out, you need to grab that bag the second you walk into IKEA.

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The retail giant even praises the FRAKTA shopping bag online. The description on their website reads:

“After 30 years in our range, it’s one of the most hardworking bags in the world. It’s big and strong and carries most things. Be it shopping, doing laundry or going to the beach, it goes wherever you go.”

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What is the best thing you’ve bought at IKEA?