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Convert the IKEA FROSTA Into the Perfect Laptop Desk

updated Jul 23, 2020
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The ubiquitous IKEA FROSTA stool has seen its fair share of DIY hacks. From bedside tables by our very own Maxwell to speaker stands, the simplicity of the FROSTA’s construction make them super easy to DIY into different types of furniture. We recently caught glimpse of the iconic stool being converted into the perfect partner for laptop users looking for an occasional workspace…

Seeing as the IKEA FROSTA stool ($15) is pretty much a steal compared to other offerings at home office furniture specialty stores, you can grab a few of these and convert them for those occasional side chairs that often see very little use compared to the regular ol’ sofa.

All you need is:

  • A FROSTA Stool
  • A cordless drill
  • Some drill bits

Because you’re essentially just drilling a couple extra holes and re-positioning the placement of the components, there’s really no need for any extra materials. The idea is to keep it stable as possible and adjust the height to accommodate the arm of the chair you have in mind. Then, using the screws that came with the stool, piece it all together. Pretty slick!

For complete set of instructions, check out: IKEA Hackers

(Images: IKEA Hackers)