IKEA Hack #2,389,421 (approx.)

IKEA Hack #2,389,421 (approx.)

Annie Werbler
Oct 1, 2009

An intrepid reader called Fred sent in some photos of a quirky-yet-functional repurposing of his IKEA Detolf cabinet — an idea inspired by post-pop artist Jeff Koons.

So how did Fred make the jump from mass-produced metal and glass to fine art? Well, in a piece called New Hoover Convertibles (on display at the Whitney Museum of American Art), Koons takes consumer machines and places them inside a glass container. He eliminates the wear objects would normally receive, and thereby the need for them to ever be replaced. It is a comment on how newness is prized in commodity culture.

This hack uses a cabinet to display some stringed lightbulbs. Fred wasn't trying to make quite the same statement as Koons. He actually had the lights from a former apartment's backyard, and knew he wanted to include them in his new interior without making it look like a dorm. He remembered how Koons had filled cabinets with everyday objects, and thought that at the very least, creating a usable lightsource from an object wouldn't be as frivolous. And he was able to use the pre-made hole at the top of the cabinet to simply drop in, then arrange his bulbs.

The piece is meant to be a little bit silly. As Fred put it, "somehow indicate in the post that I'm not a pretentious asshole." That'll do. But anyone who at least tries new things with design is cool by me. I think he could continue to play with other intensities or colors on the remaining shelves. Now if he can figure out how to make it a nightstand too, I'll be really impressed...

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