This IKEA Hack Turns a Bookcase into Rolling Pantry Storage

published May 25, 2023
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Every kitchen has its own set of storage problems. And to fix those unique problems, sometimes you need unique solutions.

Such is the case of one homeowner who repurposed an IKEA bookcase in order to upgrade a cranny in her kitchen into a cabinet. 

In the video below, we see UAE-based design expert Qamar with an IKEA GERSBY bookcase and a box of appliance rollers she had bought from Amazon. Her goal was to make an empty space beside her refrigerator more practical by adding in shelves. The only problem is that the niche is so narrow that there aren’t any existing storage solutions that could fit. So, she had to devise one herself.

Her process is simple and straightforward: Install the appliance rollers on the bookcase, then add a handle for pulling the cabinet out from its cranny. That’s it! The bookcase fits the space perfectly and has enough shelf room for jars of spices, oils, and nuts, and baskets of potatoes and garlic.

“So clever! I am literally now finding a reason to do this somewhere in my house,” said a follower, while someone else added: “This has to be your best hack yet.”

For those who want to make the cabinet more secure, another commenter recommended adding bars on the shelves to keep stuff from falling off. Smart!

“By ingeniously repurposing the IKEA GERSBY bookcase and incorporating appliance rollers, she has created additional, versatile storage in her kitchen,” said Instagram account @ikeahacks, which features the best IKEA hacks on the social media platform. “It’s all about using what you’ve got and thinking outside the box.”

You could see more DIY projects from Qamar by following her IG account here.