IKEA: Herding Cats, The Experiment

IKEA: Herding Cats, The Experiment

Annie Werbler
Sep 10, 2010

We give IKEA plenty of coverage whenever they release a new sofa line or closet storage system, so why not discuss when they do something a little bit unusual? In a strange experiment, UK store IKEA Wembley invited housecats to invade the premises one evening after-hours. Here's some behind-the-scenes footage of the massive event that was eventually distilled down into a commercial.

Sure, we'd be happy to look at cute images of cats all day long, but what have we learned from this experiment? Well, for all their mass-produced commercialism, it feels like the company is acknowledging that it's not the objects but the life inside a home that makes it work. We also imagine that allowing 100 cats into a space all at once is like pressing the fast-forward button on the damage your single cat could do over 100 days on IKEA furniture. These cats are curious, and thoroughly explore the allotted areas. Some of the pets are territorial and stake a claim to a spot that they like. Others are mischievous and get temporarily stuck where they shouldn't be. Since the finished product commercial shows the merchandise not only surviving this beating but being thoroughly enjoyed by sleepy-eyed, spotted, and cuddly cats of all shapes and sizes, it suggests that the four-legged members of your family will enjoy your IKEA selections as much as you do.

And hey, if Boots loves your IKEA sofa to shreds, at least it won't cost you a bundle to replace.

Check out the finished commercial produced by Mother London:

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