IKEA Jonas Workstations: Simple Yet Effective

IKEA Jonas Workstations: Simple Yet Effective

Range Govindan
May 25, 2011

Although a dream setup would probably involve something a lot more elaborate, a lot of people don't really have the budget, time, or space to get that perfect setup. That's why some workstation tables, like the IKEA Jonas, are so useful. With this one purchase, you can take care of all of your desk-related needs. Even though it's not that distinctive initially, you can make it your own.

Currently, we have an IKEA Jonas desk in our living room. It's our secondary workstation but since we don't have a TV and we replaced our home theater system with shelves, two IKEA Enetri that serve as bookshelves, the workstation isn't too obtrusive and it sits perfectly in a corner next to a window.

We like the Jonas because it's got adequate integrated drawers that are large enough to stash away documents as well as odds and ends, and it's not a small desk. The desk surface is about 56"×26", and that's enough for our needs. The workstation is mainly used to do classwork and research for graduate classes, so since we only use a laptop on it, there are no cables or cable management needed. We run the laptop charging cables behind the desk so they are out of the way.

1. Dual Monitor Jonas: If you need a multi-monitor setup, the Jonas is sturdy and large enough for this. In fact, you could probably station three large monitors on it without a problem. The workstation also has an overall sturdy look to it, which is appealing.

2. Minimal Laptop Jonas: This simple setup shows you how clean this workstation can be kept, even if it's used daily. Sure, you'll have some stacks of paper, but ultimately, the desk isn't large enough to allow a lot of them, which means that clutter is kept under control.

3. Tidy Laptop Jonas: William mentions that in order to keep his desk clutter free, he stashes his papers in the drawers. That's a good idea and it keeps the surface super clean.

4. Jonas in Bedroom: Here's an example of how to setup your Jonas without losing much space. It's a perfect setup for students and people who don't have much space.

5. Jonas with Pull Out: If you don't need the storage offered by the drawers that are integrated in the base Jonas, then you can opt for the one with a pull-out panel. It's perfect for your laptop if you're using your Jonas with a desktop computer.

(Images: Flickr member William Hook licensed for use under Creative Commons, Flickr member SlipStreamJC licensed for use under Creative Commons, Flickr member Jonathan McCarthy licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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