IKEA Kitchens Are On Sale Now! 5 Shopping Secrets You Need to Know

published Oct 29, 2017
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Stress-Saving IKEA Kitchen Reno Tips from a Homeowner (Image credit: Marisa Vitale)

IKEA kitchen sales are legendary. 3-4 times a year, for about a month, the store has a department-wide sale for up to 20% off — a huge savings off big ticket purchases for a renovation. IKEA’s current sale goes until Sunday, April 8, so we hit them up for all their juiciest bits of insider intel, all to help you get the most out of the opportunity. Read on, then head to your local IKEA, or plan ahead and get all your ducks in a row for the next one.

For the current sale, you’ll get 15% off purchases of $2000 or more (on a gift card) and free delivery. This applies to cabinets, appliances, and countertops —basically anything having to do with the construction of your kitchen.

Here are the official details from IKEA:

IKEA FAMILY members who spend $2000 or more (before tax) on a single IKEA kitchen purchase will receive 15% back on an IKEA Gift Card and free delivery. Offer valid Wednesday, February 28 – Sunday, April 8, 2018. Includes SEKTION cabinet frames, fronts, drawers, shelves, cover panels, molding, toekicks, legs, hinges, countertops, appliances, sinks, faucets, knobs and handles, UTRUSTA fixed interiors, UTRUSTA and OMLOPP countertop, interior glass door cabinet, and drawer lighting. LIMITED TIME ONLY. See IKEA-USA.com for offer end date. Offer cannot be applied to prior purchases. Offer valid on purchases for residential use only. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

Here’s what we’ve learned about shopping the sale:

(Image credit: IKEA)

Tip #1: Become An IKEA Family Member

Here’s something I didn’t know. IKEA Family Members get a 90 day price guarantee, which means that, as a member, if you purchased your kitchen parts within the past three months ahead of the sale, IKEA will do a price adjustment. Just bring your receipt back to the store during the actual sale, and you’ll be refunded the difference.

It’s also a good way to avoid the long lines and headaches of future sales. If you have a good idea that an IKEA sale is coming up, go ahead and make your purchase. You’ll pay full price that day, but will get the money back down the road. IKEA tells us you’ll officially get notice about upcoming kitchen sales about a week in advance. But, since they happen about 3-4 times a year, you’re pretty safe to buy whenever you need to. To be certain, either pump the sales staff for clues about timing of the next sale (they might not know), or try to guess the best you can based on prior years. This is a great perk when your remodeling timeline doesn’t line up with IKEA’s calendar.

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Tip #2: Go Prepared And Still Expect to Spend Time

Every IKEA kitchen sale story I’ve ever heard ends the same way: buyers were there longer than expected. This is what inevitably happens: either you spend time tweaking your design on their 3D planner, the kitchen department is busy (see next Tip #3), an inexperienced salesperson takes awhile to peruse and finalize your order, or —in the case of Chris Loves Julia —it takes two hours for IKEA to pull together all the items for you to pick up. So, even if you are the most organized person in the world, you can expect to eat at least one meal of Swedish meatballs before you leave —just go pay for your order first, so they can get started while you continue to shop and/or dine! To limit your time, go during a weekday morning if you can, and remember to put on your trusty hat of patience.

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Tip #3: Don’t Wait Until The Last Day

Each time a sale gets announced, hopeful remodelers descend like locusts on their local blue box’s kitchen departments to build the kitchen of their frugal dreams. But some locusts are just a little slower then others, and don’t make it to the store until the final hour. Don’t be that locust. It’s going to take long enough (see previous Tip #2) without layering in all the extra people in between you and your new kitchen materials. Even though we’ve heard some stores put out cookies and coffee that final day, cheap treats just aren’t worth the extra large hassle and time.

Another reason to go early: as the sale winds down, there’s a greater chance that some items will be backordered. IKEA tells us that, if something is out of stock, they do try to accommodate latecomers, extending the sale price another week or so until the item comes in. But, since it’s up to the store to decide, once again, you’re better off going in early than risk paying full price.

Tip #4: Forget Something? Ask for The Discount Post-Sale

Even when you have the best intentions, things fall by the wayside and those toe kicks get left off your list. If you bought a full kitchen during the sale, but can’t get back to fill in your gaps until a bit later, we’ve heard from some people that IKEA will *sometimes* still give you the discount, even though the sale has ended. The Swedes are just nice that way, so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Tip #5: Take Advantage of the Shipping

Since shipping is free, consider calling in your order and avoiding the store entirely. Save your design in the IKEA kitchen planner in advance, then give IKEA a call. The agent can pull up your plan while you’re on the line and help you get everything ordered. IKEA will then gather everything you need and deliver all those boxes to your door (if you live in the lower 48 states). Which means you can save your sweat for all the unpacking and assembling you’ll do down the road. This also means no renting a huge truck, or cramming every last piece into the family station wagon. Or making multiple trips. But it might mean you’ll spend some time on hold until an employee is free.

Delivery does means a longer lead time: it might take an extra week or two for your boxes to arrive. But here’s the good news: the order will be inventoried piece by piece before it comes. If something is missing, IKEA will take care of you (versus you having to drive back to the store yourself).

Lastly, this tip comes from a commenter on Houzz:

Finally, if you want to buy in-store, double check through the phone center which store serves your zip code. As it turns out for me, the store that is 5.5 hrs away (yet in my state) delivers to my zip, not the one only 3 hrs away in a different state. It sounds like each store covers certain geographies. Just to make sure you make it to right one – the IKEA phone rep helped me confirm (& so friendly, btw) That can also get you free shipping. Unbelievable deal.

Any special secrets you’ve discovered while shopping an IKEA kitchen sale? Let others know in the comments!