IKEA’s New Home Decor Pieces Prove Rattan, Cane, and Wicker Are Here to Stay—and Can Cost Less than $40

published Sep 3, 2020
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Some decor trends come and go in the blink of an eye—remember when mud cloth and macramé were everywhere?—while others have more staying power. Right now, natural woven textures like rattan, cane, and wicker continue to hold strong the decor world. 

What exactly is rattan, you ask? According to IKEA, it’s a “climbing plant belonging to the palm tree family.” Rattan grows quickly as a vine on tree trunks and can be harvested without causing damage to its host tree, which makes it a more sustainable material. Even though rattan seems like it’d be in abundant supply, that doesn’t mean it’s particularly low-cost; in fact, caned pieces, in particular, can be quite expensive. While you can feel pretty certain that woven materials aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune on pieces either.

So when IKEA recently dropped a ton of new, cute rattan and cane pieces, my jaw proceeded to drop right along with them. I thought I’d share a few favorites with you, just to tide you over until the big IKEA catalog release, and in case you want to bring some neutral but textural warmth into your space right now—for less than $40. 

Credit: IKEA


First up, the OPPHEM Mirror. This mirror’s oval-shaped frame is wrapped in rattan and at about 30 inches tall, it’s the perfect size to hang above a dresser or by the front door. This sleek application of the palm-derived material is great for adding texture without skewing strictly bohemian, meaning it will play well with other styles.

Buy: OPPHEM Mirror, $39.99

Credit: IKEA

IVAR Doors

“Are you kidding me?!” is what I said out loud when I learned IKEA’s super hackable IVAR system now includes doors with woven bamboo panels. No need to buy a jigsaw or source sheets of cane. IKEA did the work for us! These would look great as-is, but a walnut-colored stain would make them look even more luxe.

Buy: IVAR Door, $35/2-pack

Credit: IKEA


Woven baskets have been omnipresent for a long time. They’re practical for all kinds of things (blanket storage! laundry! hiding your dog’s toys!), but what’s great about IKEA’s new BOTANISK basket is that it’s specifically designed for plants. It includes a liner, which means you won’t have to worry about the basket getting moldy. Even more reason to add this piece to your home: It’s made in collaboration with Industree, a company in India that “provides long-term livelihood for female artisans and their families.”

Buy: BOTANISK Plant Pot, $29.99

Credit: IKEA


If you’re shopping for a woven mirror with a more substantial frame, then the HINDÅS is for you! This mirror is just shy of 20 inches in diameter, making it the perfect piece to incorporate into a gallery wall or a smaller space that’s in need of some reflected light.

Buy: HINDÅS Mirror, $29.99 

Credit: IKEA

BUSKBO Magazine Stand

This magazine stand is, in a word, handy. You could use it to store magazines, of course, but it would also make a perfect landing spot for books in your TBR pile or a few of your favorite records. Wicker is actually created using an ancient weaving technique that has deeply practical roots, and this utilitarian piece is a nod to those origins.

Buy: BUSKBO Magazine Stand, $19.99