Ikea Opens In New Haven

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Passing on the love. Reported today in Shoppers, Some From Pitched Tents, Flock to Ikea’s New Store in New Haven (NYTimes), Connecticut’s first ever Ikea opened yesterday only to be thronged with shoppers, some who had camped out all night to be the first in the store. Why? While we blase New Yorker’s consider Ikea old hat, with three stores in our area alone, those in the northern states have yet to feel the full rush of their own neighborhood store. Shoppers from all over New England flocked to New Haven to be among the first 200 inside the store and recieve a free promotional gift.

Lining up like this for the Mets or Yankees makes little enough sense; this borders on madness. But is does remind us of the first time we stepped inside an Ikea and felt that amazing, high feeling amidst the cinnamon rolls and the new kitchens, thinking to yourself, “Wow! Everything is so beautiful and smart and cheap.” (but then why do we always spending so much more money than we had expected?) Nevertheless, childhood is revisited in this moment. If only we could feel it again. Perhaps if we went to Connecticut? MGR