Ikea or Death: Can You Tell Cute Furniture From Death Metal Bands?

Ikea or Death: Can You Tell Cute Furniture From Death Metal Bands?

Elizabeth Licata
Oct 17, 2013

If you spend too long at an Ikea, you start to forget what English sounds like. "Honey, do you think we need a Fyrkantig, or are we more Grönkulla type people?" But did you ever notice that they sound a lot like the names of death metal bands? A new Internet quiz popped up recently to see if the people of the Internet could reliably tell them apart, and it turns out a lot of people can't.

Ikea or Death presents an ominous-sounding Swedish word and asks the simple question, "Is this an Ikea product, or a death metal band?"

If you recognize your nickel-plated drawer handles or convenient stool, it gives you a cheerful ping. Correctly identifying a metal band plays an enthusiastic bit of music. It gets loud, though, so be careful playing black metal at the office.

To Swedes, flat-pack furniture aficionados, and metalheads, this test should be quite easy. For the rest of us it's a bit more challenging. Despite working for Apartment Therapy and watching a ton of Metalocalypse, I only scored a 13 out of 20. That's only slightly better than I could expect to get if I were just guessing, but the game was pretty nice about it and declared me "Kvlt."

Can you tell the difference between Ikea names and metal bands? See for yourself at Ikea or Death.

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(Image via Ikea or Death)

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