IKEA Products Not Intended to Control Wires (But Do!)

IKEA Products Not Intended to Control Wires (But Do!)

Mike Tyson
Nov 17, 2010

IKEA is a very, very large company. You can spend a week living in that store and I doubt you would come out having seen everything they have to offer. What makes them so interesting is of course their affordability but also the adaptability of their products. Many have uses outside of their original intention. Because of this, we thought it'd be fun to search IKEA to find some unassuming products that we could repurpose to manage our mangles wires.

These standard, lightweight boxes are originally intended for storage of larger items like linens. We found them useful for feeding wires into one end of the handle, plugging them into our power strip, and feeding the single chord back out of the handle and into the wall. This keeps the wires hidden, organized, and out of reach of pets!

Initially designed to hold DVDs, this floating shelf could work as a nice wall mounted wire management system. Fit it under your desk, drill a hole in the top and feed wires into it, drill a second in the bottom to bring the power strip's wire out and plug into the wall. Access your cables easily by lifting the front face.

Sometimes you just need a way to control your wrapped cables. These hooks are great because of their thickness and depth. You can easily hang a collection of nicely wrapped cables around these suckers. We like this idea for your excess USB cords, power supplies, etc.. that you might have lying around that you need to keep in order and simultaneously have quick access to.

HELMER drawer unit
This is one of our favorite drawer units available. It is cheap, good looking, movable, and adaptable. You can use a drawer or two's space to organize your wires and even feed them into your CPU tower at the same time.

(Image: Eric [e-magic] licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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