Ode on a Swedish Locker: The Small Cool Cabinet?

Ode on a Swedish Locker: The Small Cool Cabinet?

At the end of his famous Ode on a Grecian Urn, Keats leaves us with the quote, "Beauty is truth, truth beauty." We recently went clicking through Small Cool entries from years past and this unsuspecting, metal locker — used as a TV cabinet, a sideboard, a dresser — just kept popping up. Usually white, always quiet, blending right into the scene, this little locker possesses a simple truth that is clearly widely recognized. But what is it, exactly? What is this truth that makes it so appealing, so desirable and — dare we say — so beautiful to so many? Follow the jump to take our survey...

That first image is from Kayla's old living room (before we started writing for AT and before we lived together) and now that little locker/TV combo lives in front of the fireplace in our current apartment. It was a perfect fit in the tiny space and sits very comfortably in the larger space. Is there another cabinet that we would love more than the locker? Of course. But for Ikea's price, we're perfectly content to stick with our little PS for now...

1 Kayla's Hall of Blues 2008
2 Thomas' Itsy Bitsy Box 2007
3 Hakarl and Jili's Bold Bright Moves 2006
4 Teresa's Beautiful Old Bones Redressed 2008
5 Ise's London Pad 2008

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