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Before and After: This $80 IKEA Rug Hack Belongs in a High-End Gallery

published Aug 16, 2018
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(Image credit: IKEA)

This delightful IKEA hack involves literally hacking up affordable rugs in pleasing colors and combining them to create a gallery-worthy wall hanging, but don’t worry—bringing the pieces back together again will not require any sewing.

(Image credit: Monsters Circus)

This wall hanging was created by Monsters Circus, inspired by a glam piece by a wool wall hanging by Studio Pepe for CC-Tapis. The original was done in chic grays and black, which is quite nice, but this Neapolitan color combo is light, modern, and delicious. (I think its ice creaminess is perfect for summer, but would also be totally cozy during the winter.) In both cases, the brass sheet does an impressive job of uniting the various colors and textures.

For about $80 worth of IKEA ÅDUM rugs, a faux-fur/sheepskin pillowcase (here’s one on Amazon for $4), and a sheet of brass (I had a hard time finding affordable options, but Lowe’s has a 4″x4″ sheet for $5), this wall hanging can be yours. Obviously, you could use rugs you already own, or super-cheap versions found on sale or at thrift stores—after a good washing, obviously. Monsters Circus recommends using nails or adhesive velcro strips to attach the various pieces to the wall; Command Strips might be your best bet for avoiding wall damage.

As Monsters Circus reminds us, “The best thing about this project? If buying the IKEA versions that I’ve used, you’ve got plenty to make more than just one wall hanging.” You could cut up your rugs into various configurations, then make one larger piece and a few smaller ones.

Thank you, Monsters Circus!