Ikea Slatted Bed Bases: Have You Upgraded?

Ikea Slatted Bed Bases: Have You Upgraded?

On our last quick trip to Ikea Stoughton, we were walking though the bed section and noticed a large display advertising a variety of bed slat bases. We've bought a couple Ikea beds in our life and always got the basic $20 Sultan Lade pine slats and never thought twice about it — having no idea there were other, higher quality options.

We've wanted to get a new mattress for a while, seeing as ours is a hand- me- down and a little too small, but we can't swing it financially right now since a new mattress also means purchasing a new bed, new sheets, you get the picture... We're wondering if upgrading our bed slats may be a smart alternative to get more comfort from our mattress, akin to upgrading the suspension on a car...

Some of the bed slats were marked as new but many aren't, so we were wondering how long they have had them and how many of you out there have splurged on Ikea's higher quality slats. The range is from $50 to about $120 for the basic models and about 16 to 39 slats with multiple comfort zones and adjustable areas. They are made from laminated beech and seem to have more active support than the simple pine slats. Is this marketing or can you really feel the difference?

We are definitely going to carve out some time on our next trip to Ikea to test them and see if it may be a cheap upgrade that will give us a better night's sleep. It's hard to tell the difference online and our search of the greater internet returned no additional information outside people with broken slat issues which we've never had a problem with. So anyone with experience, can you feel the difference and is it worth it to upgrade?

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