This Gauzy $25 IKEA Canopy Will Make Any Sliver of Space Instantly Stylish

published Aug 20, 2020
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Mosquito netting used to be the stuff of summer camp or traveling in tropical countries: a fairly utilitarian item for protection against annoying insects when sleeping, generally outdoors. Lately, however, I’ve been noticing what a beautiful addition these canopies can make to an interior. They provide an easy way to delineate a distinct area, like a sleeping zone or reading nook, in an open space. While they’re not especially decorative in terms of their material (typically white polyester), they can be quite dramatic when suspended from a ceiling, especially for their cost. 

Leave it to IKEA to already be hip to this decorating idea. For just $25 bucks, you can score the SOLIG, which consists of 10 feet of white netting draped over a wide metal ring that simply mounts to your ceiling with a hook and rope to create a flowy, ethereal display. Designed with a narrow opening for entering and exiting, the gauzy net instantly envelops a small space but is still sheer enough to not completely shut out the rest of your room or surroundings. Seeing this product got me thinking about all the creative ways a canopy like this can actually be used at home.

Credit: IKEA

Create an outdoor lounge

No patio? No problem. Tie this canopy to a tree branch to turn an area of your lawn or deck into a designated lounge zone with a couple of weatherproof chairs or fabric loungers. You can even drape a strand of battery-operated LED string lights around the metal canopy ring to add some ambient outdoor lighting to the scene—just avoid plug-in electric styles because they could create a fire hazard. You could also team this guy up with a hammock and still feel the breeze as you sway back and forth on a summer’s afternoon.

Make a reading nook

Turn an empty corner in your bedroom or living room into a bonafide reading nook in minutes by installing this canopy above a floor cushion or an accent chair. Even better, add a slender side table to the scene, so you have a place to set a task lamp, book, or beverage. You could also team one of these up with a bunting or garland and use it in a playroom, as shown above.

Credit: IKEA

Score a stylish sleeping zone

Dreaming of an actual bedroom in your open studio apartment? Hang this canopy net above your bed to separate your sleeping zone from the rest of the living space. You could try one of these to add a flourish over your bed or in a kid’s room, too. Reviews of the SOLIG say that it can be used with larger beds, including queen size mattresses. If you want a colored version, the netting can easily be dyed; an ombré design wouldn’t be too much work.

Credit: IKEA

Elevate your outdoor dining area

Looking for a stylish way to keep bugs at bay while dining al fresco on your patio? Suspend this canopy net from an overhang to distinguish this outdoor space while protecting the space from flying insects. This item actually costs less than some fancy citronella candles on the market, so you can’t really go wrong here.