Ikea’s New Mirror Will Compliment You Every Morning

published Oct 13, 2014
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(Image credit: Ikea)

A well-timed compliment can make a person’s morning and set them up with a positive outlook for the whole day. Now Ikea has taken the randomness out of the equation and created a mirror that delivers personalized compliments just when you need them most.

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According to The Gloss, Ikea launched a new “Motivational Mirror” in a London store in response to a survey that said half of all the people in Britain received no compliments in a normal week. That news is a bit of a bummer, so in order to boost people’s self-esteem and hopefully give them a more positive outlook on life, Ikea developed a mirror that could deliver compliments all on its own.

The mirror uses a motion sensor to tell when a person is in front of it, and it delivers individualized messages based on what it “sees.” The mirror has been observed to say things like, “Wow, have you been working out?” and “Love what you’ve done with your hair.” It even told a woman wearing a dress, “Darling, your dress looks amazing.” And one bearded gentleman heard, “That’s a magnificent beard.”

Best of all, those compliments are delivered in a charming British accent. Hearing that voice every morning would put anyone in a good mood, so I can only hope they’ll put these mirrors into production for the rest of us soon.

See a video of the mirror in action here.

Via: The Gloss