Our Best Pink Bedroom Ideas

Get inspired by dozens of ideas for pink bedrooms, with sortable photos of beautiful real bedrooms decorated in a variety of styles and shades of pink.


Our Editors' Favorite Pink Bedrooms Ideas

Pink has been a popular home color for years, but only recently has it become a popular color for bedrooms. While blue bedrooms get all the credit for inspiring better sleep, pink bedrooms have historically had strong youthful and nursery-like connotations. Now, we know that even an adult bedroom can be totally chic with the addition of pink elements.

With the right mix of furnishings — and the right shade of pink — a bedroom can lean into blush, peach, and even bubblegum tones while still looking sophisticated, modern, and even boho, if that's more your speed. And that's not all; when done properly, pink can add just the right touch of romance to your most private space.

Tips for Decorating a Pink Bedroom

  • The key to incorporating this fun color into your bedroom setup is to play with different textures and contrasting furnishings. Plus, it's important to consider pink's complementary colors.
  • If you're trying to go subtle for your pink bedroom, stick to accents like throw pillows, lampshades, and bed skirts. Combining soft pinks with grays and whites will yield a serene, classic bedroom color scheme.
  • Ready to make a strong statement? Then consider a bold pink carpet or a neon pink bed frame. Styling a bedroom with neon pops of pink, mixed with other strong, saturated shades, will create a rest zone that's full of personality and good energy.
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A piece of funky pink decor, like the Bend Goods modular wall hanging above Molly Hatch's bed, can replace a headboard. Mauve Euro pillows bridge the gap between the room's different shades of pink.
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The light pink hues in the boho bedroom of this Charleston bungalow are so pale, they're almost white.
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Can't commit to one shade of pink for your bedroom? You don't have to! The maximalist bedroom in this Austin rental combines varying shades of pink, from pale rose to bright fuschia.
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Hanging pink blinds, like in this Yorkshire bedroom, is a unexpected way to add a fun pop of color.
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Think you need to try to make a small room look bigger with light paint? Not necessarily, says this NYC renter: "Some rooms are just SMALL! So paint them any color you want!"
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What's bolder than bright pink walls? Pink-patterned wallpaper, of course! The flamingo wallpaper in this Los Angeles guest room makes quite the statement.