Our Best White Bedroom Ideas

Get inspired by dozens of ideas for white bedrooms, with sortable photos of beautiful real bedrooms decorated in a variety of styles and shades of white.


Our Editors' Favorite White Bedrooms Ideas

We love dark bedrooms: moody, cocoon-like spaces full of fluffy blankets and somber hues. But we also adore bedrooms that are just the opposite of that: light, bright spaces decorated all in white.

The key to making a neutral color such as white work in the bedroom work is adding a little texture. This keeps a monochromatic room from feeling too flat, and adds a little richness and coziness to balance out all the brightness. Since we're talking bedrooms here, this is easy to achieve with rugs, quilts, and bedding in textured fabrics like linen. Here are ten of our favorite white bedrooms for you to browse.

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In this white bedroom by @vanitycleaning, a dramatic houseplant anchors the eye and creates a filter for the bright light streaming in from the window.
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This Massachusetts home's primary bedroom combines a boho and a minimalist vibe for a pulled-together black and white look.
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This Louisiana homeowner painted their wooden walls white for an authentic shiplap look in their white bedroom.
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White bedding, a white side table and a white faux fur throw rug really make this California bedroom seem like an all-white space, with a few pops of natural wood.
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This white bedroom in a tiny Chelsea apartment makes use of a clean, white palette with throw pillows in bright jewel tones for a dash of interest.
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Vaulted ceilings and a chandelier create a nice backdrop for this all-white bedroom by @gillaleighhome.designs.