The Solution to Curtail Impulse Purchases May Be Right In Your Hands

The Solution to Curtail Impulse Purchases May Be Right In Your Hands

Jason Rodway
Sep 19, 2012

With the arrival of fall, now may be a good time to start an active saving plan for future winter travel or holiday shopping. However, the nemesis of a planned out budget is the dreaded impulse spend on a sudden and irresistable sales. It's time to fight back and save for the big things you really need. With smart budgeting, some skimping, and apps like these that help you set money aside, you'll be on to bigger and better things in no time.


Can you feel the urge to impulse buy coming on? When you feel you just can't resist, open up ImpulseSave instead and transfer how much you would potentially spend into your ImpulseSave savings account. It's incredibly secure, with all your banking data stored on your iPhone rather than a server out of your reach. We find it a clever way of quenching the thirst for spending while keeping your money safe at the same time. Free

Left: ImpulseSave - Right: Urge

Feel the power of saying no. Urge accepts each victory where you decline things such as luxurious coffee, entertainment, and clothing, and adds it to your virtual savings jar. You get to see how much you save and just how much those daily habits add up when you cave in. Later on, you can add that amount to your savings account to make the feeling of saying no all the sweeter. App: Free (with 7 day trial) - Full service: $2



One of the best ways to save is to have money automatically transferred when payday comes around. SmartyPig is a cloud based piggy bank that takes an allotted amount from your pay. With this app, you can set these savings towards numerous preset goals. It's a great way of maintaining control of your hard earned money while keeping it within arm's reach. Free
Also available for iOS

Left: SmartyPig - Right: Easy Envelope Budget Aid

Easy Envelope Budget Aid
Money experts swear by the envelope method where you assign money to a category such as bills, groceries, spending or savings. Easy Envelope Budget Aid creates virtual envelopes using information from various accounts, bills and necessities so you know where your money stands. It also syncs across multiple devices, so it's great for couples or groups. Free
Also available for iOS

Windows Phone 7

Left: Money Box - Right: Pageonce

Money Box
We can't spend what's not in our pockets. If you like to keep a money stash in your closet, Money Box helps keep track of your physical money pile. This free app has a squeaky clean interface that tallies money that goes in and out of up to four different money boxes. Sometimes saving is easier when it's out of sight and out of mind. Free

This juggernaut banking app is capable of managing all your bills, credit cards and bank accounts all in one place. With a bird's eye view of your financial situation, you can create and control a budget to continuously transfer money into a savings account. It works well for couples (especially if you only use debit or credit) to see precise figures on combined earnings/spending. Free
Also available for iOS/Android

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