In Defense of the Belt Clip Cell Phone Holster

updated Aug 10, 2019
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The belt clip cellphone holder is the modern equivalent of the fannypack – super useful but super dorky. While many women (and some men) carry the equivalent of a Best Buy Mobile store in their purses, the streamlined person has to make to do with the old school pocket. But with smartphones getting more expensive and more often out of your pocket than in, the gadget holster is making a stylish comeback as a useful tool and somehow not as dorky as it used to be. Or maybe we’re just caring less as we get older.

Quicker & Easier Access
When smartphones were just cellphones, all it was good for really was making and receiving calls. Text messaging, apps, and the internet turned our pocket telephones into constantly used handheld devices that more or less stayed in our hands than in our pockets. With a holster the phone is always there ready to use.

More Comfortable
With monstrous phones pushing 5″ screens (here’s looking at you, Dell Streak), these behemoths don’t always fit too comfortably in your pockets anyway, and getting them in and out is a pain, especially if you’re sitting down.

Won’t Break Your Phone
Even as far back as 2004, Siemens conducted a study showing that squeezing handsets in tight jeans was one of the most common reasons for broken phones (the most common being dropping it on the floor).

Case-Mate Phone Holsters
Case-Mate carries a large line of cell phone holsters (iPhone samples linked), ranging from horizontal and top loaders to arm bands for the active user.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Vaja’s immensely beautiful leather cases are absolutely gorgeous. Their neat clip system allows you to unclip the entire cover as well, so the phone stays protected.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

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