In Homage of the Apple Power Adapter Cord

In Homage of the Apple Power Adapter Cord

Campbell Faulkner
Apr 14, 2011

The lowly power adapter, much maligned and with many attempts to banish its usage. While we can attest no particular love of needing to change devices regularly, Apple did happen to make one part of their power adapter we do adore: the three prong adapter.

Yes we know this might seem like an odd thing to praise, but unlike other adapter that we have used in the past, we can actually say that it makes a good bit of sense. Not only does it make plugging into a difficult place easier, it also extends the length of our power adapters. Over the years we have accumulated a few of these power cords and have put them to good use. Sometimes we just leave them plugged in and take out power bricks with us when we leave the house. That way we don't have to awkwardly unplug the cord out from behind a large piece of furniture.

Where we really came to love the power cord was with out iPad charger. This is an old style (original iPhone size) charger that can accept the modular power cord adapter. We can therefore easily plug our power adapter into the wall and have enough space to use our iPad or iPhone while plugged in. The same goes for our Airport Express as it tends to suffer from waning reception in large houses. This way it can be positioned up off of the power strip giving you better WiFi reception. On the whole, the power adapter cord is a fine piece of engineering due to both the ubiquity of Apple products and its smart design.

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