In Life and at Home, Leaps are Scary (But Worth It)

In Life and at Home, Leaps are Scary (But Worth It)

Adrienne Breaux
Oct 11, 2014
(Image credit: Ashley Poskin)

I have such respect and admiration for folks who make huge — and sometimes dramatic — changes in their life, whether switching careers, making moves to dream homes or other gutsy things. It's a scary thing to make such big, life-changing (literally) decisions, but these life leaps seem to be worth it a lot of the time.

I've been thinking lately about some of the folks we've featured on Apartment Therapy over the years that fit that bill. Like Christopher and Merete, who charmed with their beautiful tiny home. Christopher had always wanted to live in the mountains, and by taking the leap (and chance) to build a tiny home, now he can.

(Image credit: June Bhongjan)

Or there's Tim and Hannah, who built a very adorable home for themselves, completely off-grid. Hannah's dad was a builder and so it was natural for her to take the leap, but Tim had "never built anything but fires." The result is a highly personal home that fits their dream lifestyle perfectly.

(Image credit: Tammy Everts)

Or how about four people and a dog living in a 180 square feet in a cabin on an island in the middle of nowhere that they built themselves? They might only live in this cozy home on the weekends and when the kids are off from school, but it takes an amazing leap of a faith to buy a remote piece of land and carve a spot out of it for you and your family.

(Image credit: Rebecca Bond)

Or like Stephen Turner's Amazing Exbury Egg and Tereasa & David's Grown-Up Tree House. To only name a very few.

What all of these folks undoubtably have in common is courage. The courage to really examine their lives to figure out what's working and what's not. To think about what they want out of a home, and then take action. Even if that action might seem nuts to someone else (four people and a dog in only 180 square feet!).

And that's the great thing, really. Life and home leaps don't always have to be giant, dramatic gestures. Because where one person might examine their life and decide they need to move to the desert to build an off-grid straw bale house with their own hands, for someone else, it might finally be giving themselves permission to move to the city they've always wanted to explore. Or shake off the curse of stuff and live a more minimal life. Or heck, even just fit more time for crafting in their life. It seems it's not really how far you're leaping, it's that you're jumping in the first place.

Are there any leaps you've made that have been totally worth it, in life and in home? Are there any leaps you've been daydreaming about making? Let's celebrate the leapers and encourage the would-be leapers in the comments below today!

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