In My Bedroom: Virginia, G Lee & Tamara Carroll

In My Bedroom: Virginia, G Lee & Tamara Carroll

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 7, 2008

Title: comfort in evening shadows
Photographer: Virginia
Description: This was taken in the spring, just before I put my comforter away. It's on my bed for the winter, but just as the random folds can't be arranged again in the same manner, neither can life. Last spring, my mother could knit, after a stroke this month, she cannot.

Title: Temporary Bedroom
Photographer: G Lee
Description: On June 13th of this year, we had a huge house fire, destroying about 3/4 of our home. We had spent the last 14 years renovating, painting, decorating and had believed that this was the year of completion: no more major work to be done. This photo was taken the day after the fire, in the bedroom at a neighbour's, who's taken us in until our house is rebuilt. All the things that are dearest to me are in this picture: the cats (who were scattered immediately after the fire. This is right after we found them all); my husband; and my laptop, which harbours all the photos of our journey with our home. I know this photo isn't "great design", but it depicts exactly what is important to make great design a home: What you love, and what loves you.


Title: my bedroom is also my living room
Photographer: Tamara Carroll
Description: the photo i submitted for the "& light" project last february was selected when i was still living in new hampshire ( LINK ).

fast forward almost 9 months and i am now living in brooklyn where my apartment is much brighter (and my bedroom is also my living room). this photo is almost the opposite of my "& light" portrait.




This year we are going to change themes more often. Our fourth theme is In My Bedroom. Drawing from this theme we hope you will submit more pictures for us to feature each Friday.

Here are the ground rules for 2008:

1. The title of of the picture must relate to the words "In My Bedroom" (you may define that any way you like)
2. The picture should relate to the concept of home (you may define that any way you like)

This is our weekly celebration of ACCESSIBLE photography, which means beautiful artwork that you can actually hang on your wall tonight.

We're happy to be doing it with our friends Marty Weiss and Hannah Wallace. who are curating pics from Meter Gallery. Reader submissions will be posted bi-weekly and Meter will be in between. That means it a full on amateur and professional show!



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