Making the Bed: Hospital Corners?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We were checking out the new Room and Board catalog and were admiring the new Anders Bed which reminds us of a sturdier and more updated version of the case study bed that we happen to own. What we noticed was how great the bed looks with all the blankets neatly tucked with such precision

that all the clean lines are perfectly (if a little anally) preserved. We admit that we’d love to be able to keep up a look like this, especially since it so goes with the style of our bed, but it just isn’t practical.

First off, we like down comforters which, by nature, do not tuck. Second, we’re lazy. Third, our better half is very tall and his legs stick right of the end of the bed so it’s very uncomfortable if it’s all tight and tucked in. So we, personally, let it all hang out.

What’s your take? Is it wrong to sully a perfectly good modern bed with mussed up sheets? Do you have the patience, resolve, correct bedding to do the tuck? How are you warm enough? Do you hide extra bedding that you put on the bed when it’s time to go to sleep? Do you untuck everything before getting into bed? Or do you let it all hang out? And does anyone (besides Gregory) actually get the corners looking as good as the above photo?