Ina Garten Renovated Her Kitchen, and Here Are 7 Brilliant Ideas to Steal ASAP

published Feb 12, 2024
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Ina Garten holding a trifle, smiling
Credit: Quentin Bacon

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we all need hobbies and projects to enjoy when we have some down time. Maybe those projects extended to our kitchens or upped our culinary skills with the perfect banana bread, but for cooking icon Ina Garten, she was a bit more ambitious. In fact, Ina raised the bar by taking on a new and daunting home project: revamping the kitchen in her East Hampton, New York, home for the first time in decades. 

“During the pandemic, I gave myself a project of renovating my kitchen, which I actually hadn’t done in 25 years!! I built my dream pantry and bought my favorite Lacanche stove, plus lots of food photographs and a great view of the garden,” Garten explained in an Instagram post. 

She also swapped out her previously dark countertops for brighter, more neutral-toned ones, and even put one of her favorite gifts on full display. It’s no secret her kitchen is one dreamy detail after another — and if you’re wondering how you can recreate it, you’re in luck. From the same French made-to-order stove to an affordable countertop hack, here are seven design ideas to steal from Ina Garten’s chic new kitchen ASAP.

1. Start with a French-inspired stove. 

Joining a list of other exceptional chefs, including

Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Padma Lakshmi, Ina met her kitchen needs by customizing the
Sully Stove by the coveted brand Lacanche. Estimated to cost nearly $15,500, the black French-range appliance features brass hardware, two dual-fuel ovens, and seven gas burners on the cooktop. Additionally, she opted to add an additional two burners (because why not?).

Can’t afford this made-to-order appliance? Store-bought will be just fine. This affordable Home Depot duel fuel range oven offers the same black base and brass hardware, six-sealed burners, and a precise cooking temperature to whip up Michelin-star-quality meals. 

2. Invest in worthwhile pots and pans (and storage).

Staying on brand with her elegant and timeless approach, Ina strategically hangs copper pots and silver pans above her stove (as seen in the post above). Great for on-the-spot use, each item has a safe and secure place on the wall that’s close enough if she needs them, and far enough if she doesn’t. 

Follow her lead and master meals with this copper tri-ply stainless set. The professional-quality, eight-piece set features versatile open skillets, a covered saucepan, a wide sauté pan, and a sturdy stockpot to excel at any cooking task thrown your way. Round out your pan collection with this pair of stainless steel pans from Amazon. In addition to being oven-safe, reviewers rave over how sturdy the handle is, how affordable the price is, and, best of all, how evenly the heat distribution is.

3. Keep your plates classic.

Ina embraces simplicity and invests in classic white dishes. She’s previously mentioned her preference for white plates because they make food look best, and many home cooks tend to agree. Whether you’re searching for dinner or salad plates or decent-sized bowls, all of these selections from Wareland seal the deal. Aside from Ina approving of the classic white shade, we can’t help but lust over the subtle embossed detailing that adds just a little extra something. And at a steal of a price!

4. Rely on rattan.

While white dishware might be the Barefoot Contessa’s preferred dishware choice, she’s also a fan of rattan. You’ll notice in her Instagram photos that there are bread baskets and placemats, which all feature the same intricate straw material. 

Stay on trend and reach for similar items like this round Pottery Barn placemat. Available in three colors, each features a relaxed feel and rich texture that will become your new entertaining essential. Need more options? This sleek oval bread basket should also be on your “must-have list.” The natural rattan draws moisture from machine-made or homemade dough while providing a rustic effect to tables. 

5. Brighten up countertops.

To help brighten up her space, she chose a neutral white and gray marble countertop. Before her renovation, Ina’s kitchen had dark countertops, but she now had the itch for something lighter. The reason for her change of heart? She responded to a fan in her Instagram comments. “I love the look of marble — the movement and energy — but until recently, it was thought not to be ideal for kitchens because it’s a porous material. However, the sealers have gotten good now, so it’s a great choice for a countertop,” Garten noted. 

Renovate countertops without breaking the bank by reaching for this removable wallpaper. The white and gray marble mimics the real thing, and the peel-and-stick application allows you to restore your kitchen surfaces painlessly. 

6. Curate the perfect cookbook collection.

Ina keeps her cooking skills sharp, but turns to the professionals for help along the way — as evidenced by her many, many, many cookbooks. Whether she needs a quick refresher or wants to proudly show off her hard work (or maybe both!), you can’t blame her. So much so that we recommend scooping up your own copies; who can even resist dozens of go-to dinner ideas or modern comfort food? Not me. Check out more of her smart storage ideas here, and get what you need for this ingenious, stylish $6 IKEA cookbook storage hack.

7. Display your favorite gifts. 

Gifted by Galerie Provenance, Ina’s Greta Runeborg vase is the perfect match to host a handful of long, brown branches. Together, the two effortlessly create a dramatic arrangement that adds color and depth to her kitchen. 

While this exact vessel is currently out of stock, this ceramic Anthropologie vase is the perfect replacement. Available in small and large sizes, the stunning organic silhouette elevates the simple vessel, thanks to its glazed, watertight exterior.

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