Inbox Zero With Mobile Devices: Hell or Heaven?

Inbox Zero With Mobile Devices: Hell or Heaven?

Range Govindan
Sep 16, 2010

I'm a fervent believer in Merlin Mann's Inbox Zero, which means that every time that you open your email, you answer and address all of the emails. This clears out your inbox and uses it as a task list. But how do mobile devices fit into this setup? Can your rock Inbox Zero with your iPad and iPhone? Read on to find out more.

Inbox Zero can be challenging to attain and it necessitates a different approach to email. You can't constantly check your email and address everything. It would just take too much time. I've found that checking my email a few times a day works very well. I get a medium amount of email, anywhere from 5 to 20 emails each time that I log on. If you're still trying to attain Inbox Zero, and you use Gmail, then you should try using Gmail's Priority Inbox.

How about when you check your email from mobile devices? Does it still work? Of course it does, but you'll have to go through some adjustments. You should use the same rules that apply on your laptop or desktop for your mobiles devices.

One of the tricks that I use is that I have multiple Gmail accounts that all flow into one single email hub. From it, I can address every email. However, this doesn't mean that you can simply log onto an email account that you reserve for only your personal emails, messages from friends and family. This should be the account that you log onto when you are using a mobile account. That saves you the hassle of always having to empty your account when you log onto it, which is usually reserved for longer sittings on a laptop or desktop.

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