Incandescent Bulbs: Not Dead Yet!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Since President Obama announced new lighting standards for 2012, people have been singing the swan song for incandescents. But it seems that incandescent bulbs may soon be seen in a new…er…light. Researchers are promising that a new wave of incandescents will meet the stringent 2012 requirements, and new innovations are already underway…

As The New York Times says, “For lighting researchers involved in trying to save the incandescent bulb, the goal is to come up with one that matches the energy savings of fluorescent bulbs while keeping the qualities that many consumers seem to like in incandescents, like the color of the light and the ease of using them with dimmers.”

Incandescent light bulb makers are desperate to keep their products from being phased out completely. Reports are that some of these newer incandescent bulbs are 30 percent more efficient than older bulbs, and Philips says that “a 70-watt Halogena Energy Saver gives off the same amount of light as a traditional 100-watt bulb and lasts about three times as long, eventually paying for itself.”

Looks like we can’t count them out yet!

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Image via AT:New York