How To: Clear The DVD Clutter

How To: Clear The DVD Clutter

Sarah Rae Smith
Jun 26, 2008

In case you haven't made the switch to a home media storage device or external drive just yet, here's a great way to keep your "not so inner" movie nerd in check. Click through the jump to see how easy it really can be...

So you buy a sleek new sofa, pride yourself on not having any labels on your shampoo bottles, and try to make your living space calm and open, but what do you do when the modernist meets the movie nerd connoisseur?

How do you make your DVD collection disappear into your surroundings, thus eliminating your embarrassment when your friends find out that your copies of X-Men and Sense and Sensibility are touching? (although we're not sure who would win in a fight...Wolverine or Edward Ferrars...)

Try removing your DVD's from thier box *gasp* and putting them into slimline jewel cases. They are now free of their superfluous packaging and are able to be stored in your credenza, dresser, or media center of your choice.

You can use clear or colored cases depending on what your budget is. We have found that the multi-colored 100 packs of jewel cases are usually the most inexpensive (at bulk big box stores), although all crystal clear casing would be more attractive if they are constantly on display.

In this case a ruler was used (represented by the yellow lines in the picture) and adhered to the bottom of the drawer to help keep the cases lined up like little soldiers. Just don't forget to alphabetize!

They are now out of sight, out of mind, and your life isn't being cluttered by the array of titles, packaging, and colors that your collection was blaring at you before.

What do you use to keep your media obsession under control?

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