Making Changes In Your Home A Schedule for Improvements

13009-schedule03.jpgSo, you’ve finally decorated your home. That’s it, right? Now you can sit back, relax and never buy or do another thing in your home. Hold on. Not so fast. Your home is a constantly changing mirror of your life and needs little tweaks to keep it feeling fresh. While some of us will do more and some less, after the jump you’ll find a minimum schedule of things to do to keep your home working for you, whatever your style…


  • Buy fresh flowers. Buying seasonally helps you bring in colour and variety. Try different vases, different settings and different arrangements.
  • Attend to repairs immediately.
  • Cook at least one meal to keep the energy in your home in your kitchen and home moving.
  • Dust, vacuum, cull papers, change sheets, put away clothing.


  • Examine all knick knacks and small objects. Weed out what you’re no longer excited by. Rearrange the remainder.
  • Replace magazines.


  • Consider seasonal changes including new pillows for your couch, changing your bedding, swapping out summer rugs for winter ones, bringing in new scents in the form of candles or diffusers.
  • Turn your mattress.
  • Cull your media collections — books, cds, dvds.
  • Deep clean


  • Make one capitol improvement to one room (painting, new furniture, rearrangement).
  • Launder your pillows and duvet.


  • Purchase new pillows for your bed.
  • Consider a new duvet.

Every Five Years:

  • Repaint your main rooms.

Every Ten Years:

  • Make major capitol improvement (i.e. kitchen or bathroom makeover, furniture replacement, wall or floor repair)

What do you do to keep your home from turning into a museum?

[image: koko sexton, from her flickr, with a Creative Commons License. To order the One Thing pads click here]