Increase Productivity By Relocating Your Email

Increase Productivity By Relocating Your Email

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 13, 2010

The obsessive need to continually be on top of our incoming emails, text messages, facebook updates is easily understandable in our fast paced world, but can also hinder any form of production. While some may log out completely to get work done, there's another option for those who aren't willing to go 100% cold turkey!

Turning off our email or closing out the tab that it resides in isn't really an option for us and we know all too well how easy it is to let it consume you. The constant checking, the replying, it can literally get in the way of making deadlines or getting anything done you really sat down to accomplish that day.

Instead of keeping it open in the same tabbed browser window you're currently using, try opening it in a different one instead. The simple act of relocating your unread messages to the bottom of the screen instead of the top makes it easy to stay on top of things in between other projects but helps kill the strong obsession to email back everyone (and their dog) the second something drops in your inbox.

It hasn't gone away completely, it's simply switched from the top of the screen to the bottom. You're not out of the loop, just able to focus a little more. Do you have a quick tip on a small act you've used recently to increase your production? Let us know below!

Image: Sarah Rae Trover

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