Individual Washer: Divides and Conquers

Individual Washer: Divides and Conquers

Kristen Lubbe
Mar 9, 2010

One of our least favorites chores is laundry (the first is dishes), not only because it's tedious having to sort through each and every piece of clothing, but it's also the number of loads of laundry we have to do each week. It would definitely be a huge help if companies started catering their machines to work with the intricacies of laundry.

The Individual Washer is a concept washer designed by Yali Dai. The idea behind it is to have three compartments to aid in sorting your laundry and to do it more efficiently.

The way we do our laundry is; we sort it by color and depending on the item, sometimes by fabric. That's a lot of laundry to do, and even more wasteful, that's a lot of excess water usage that shouldn't be happening. Even when we use the smallest setting possible, it still seems like a waste to only wash several items.

The Individual Washer would offer three separate compartments. So, potentially you could have one for whites, one for darks and one for delicates. With the LCD touch display screen you can control the water temperature, amount of water and speed for each separate compartment. The washer uses one central motor for all three compartments. The door has three lips that keep the compartments sealed while the washing is in progress.

We wish we could purchase this washer today. It seems like a really great idea and would make laundry much more efficient and less wasteful.

[via Yanko Design]

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