Ideas From The Farm and Tractor Store

Ideas From The Farm and Tractor Store

Sarah Rae Smith
Jun 27, 2008

When shopping around for things to furnish your home, one doesn't often think about making a visit to the local Farm/Tractor store. As visions of plaid and John Deere Green dance in your head, click through to check out things that could make their way into your cart and then into your home.

We found several things that could be put to use in a home without having your neighbors think you chew on straw in your spare time. Check them out below.

We think these metal hooks could have an array of uses. Be them metal or dipped in plastic-coat, they could be coat racks, used to hang large artwork, towel holders or use two and put a skinny board across them and viola... you have a shelf.

Everyone loves casters on furniture. Typically they are something that means your piece of furniture will be a bit more expensive. Buy them from the farm store and attach them to the bottom of whatever you wish (cat excluded), ottomans, tables, dressers (you know the one with the wobbly leg, just chop them all off!), computer stands, deck furniture, plant stands... you get the idea.

Mechanic's tall tool chests are something that have a very specific function... to hold skinny things. You can sub out your typical wrench or hammer for kitchen utensils, your Ginsu knives or placemats. What about in your craft/art room for paint brushes and gouache? Scrapbooking paper, rulers and x-actos would all feel right at home.

Maybe tall isn't your bag when it comes to tool storage. What about a low and long storage? Add some coasters and you could slide it under a work bench in a studio space, make it an entertainment center to hold your remotes and magazines, or even use it as a room divider. Watch for them to go on sale around Fathers Day and Major Holidays that involve lots of manly grunting.

We really loved the look of the pulleys when we walked down the aisle. Our knee jerk reaction was to just hang them on the wall or set them on a table to look cool. But they could also serve a functional purpose. Maybe it's over your kitchen sink being used as an actual pulley system to raise and lower your fruit basket? Hopping over (not literally, you might hurt yourself) to the craft room, you could load them up with your favorite ribbons or antique trims that you might have on hand. Or in the kitchen to hold twine where it's handy?

You don't need us to tell you what to put in small buckets. They would be the easiest to integrate into your design ideas, holding things like children's toys, dog toys (hopefully they aren't the same thing), blankets, newspapers or napkins. Just peel the manufacturer's label off and you are set.

We found this small can (about the size of a bushel basket) over in the trash can aisle. It could be used on a deck to hold bird seed or on your laundry room shelving to hold clothes. We even think that with some patience you could use a skill saw and cut a plywood seat (upholster at will) to sit upon it. Keep them on your patio for extra seating and storage for your new pink hose.

Trash cans are great things to have around to hold large items like children's playground balls, or your husbands collection of vintage baseball equipment, that you can't quite figure out how to present. They are also great places for worm composting, if you are down with the crawlies under your sink. Or in this case maybe even out in the open.

There are all kinds of precut metal sheeting at the farm store. Most of them used for patching trailers or lining tool boxes, but why not sand the edges and make them into a placemat? Or better yet tile a backsplash with them.

A trip to the farm store isn't complete without something totally absurd catching your eye. In this case it was the plastic animal trailer hitch covers. Which although they serve a purpose, does such a thing REALLY have to be the head of a Mallard?

So next time you laugh at the overly large gas-sucking diesel as it pulls into the farm store, follow suit and find a parking spot. You are sure to find something that sparks your imagination.

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