You Can Buy This Inflatable Twister That Makes Game Night Larger Than Life

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Credit: Hammacher Schlemmer

Twister has always been a game that stands out from the rest: after all, it’s a color-coded floor mat that involves how to move in tricky ways that often require physically contorting around and on other humans. If you agree that it’s a fun experience, then you might be excited to learn about this giant and inflatable Twister game

Sold by Hammacher Schlemmer, this is an enlarged version of the 1960s game that is nothing but classic. This version of Twister is meant for outdoor use and allows for double the players as the traditional one. (Slumber party beneath the stars after a riveting game of blow-up Twister, anyone?) The spinner that usually comes with each Twister game is propped up on a stand, also larger than what comes in the regular box.

To set up the inflatable Twister, all you have to do is plug into a nearby outlet, then watch the air blower work its magic. While its purpose is to play Twister on it, who says one can’t use it as an air mattress, too?

If you’re off to buy one already, hold your horses! You’ll need a cool $2,000 to add this beast to your yard games collection. If you’re willing and able to drop a couple of grand on this soiree accessory, we do have an ask for you: could you make sure to invite us?