Ingo Maurer Store Windows Broken

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

From the department of senseless violence. This is the sort of thing that we hate about New York. Walking by the Ingo Maurer store on Greene Street Saturday, we saw that two of their four large, plate glass windows had been broken and were hanging on by a thread. We immediately went into the store to find out what had happened, and were told that someone broke them late on Thursday night, and that another window was permananently scratched and a window in the store next door broken. We were glad that no one had a vendetta against Maurer, a great lighting designer, but dismayed at the acts. The store keeper was upset, but philosophical, pointing out that at least the windows didn’t shatter completely and that they would be fixed soon. In the meantime, a separate panel of glass has been affixed to support the windows.

We ask that if you see this happening, do what you can to stop it (if safe), and/or contact the store or residence afterwards to let them know exactly what you saw. Community is our strongest resource. MGR