Innovative Garage-to-Home Renovation in Bordeaux

Innovative Garage-to-Home Renovation in Bordeaux

Julia Brenner
Oct 7, 2011

This is an amazing renovation project I stumbled across on the Slow Home Studio website. A stable turned garage turned single residency home in the historic district of Bordeaux, France... and then it gets really cool.

Using site-specific innovations, architects Fabre de Marien renovated an old, dilapidated garage into a beautifully efficient home that doesn't feel cramped or cluttered. They maximized space by building upwards rather than creating a single layer of tiny subdivisions, and by emphasizing all sources of natural light.

Now here's the part that's so interesting: the wooden furniture piece featured in the living area is more than simply a wall. It contains drawers and doors that serve as closet space and cabinet space, and in the back of the structure is a door that leads into a hidden bathroom within the structure. There are also stairs that lead up to a bedroom, which is perched on top of the structure. Maybe it's all the Chronicles of Narnia I read as a kid, but the idea of a secret door that leads into another space seems beyond cool to me, even if it is a bathroom and not a snowy forest with a mystical lion, but I digress. The only area of the home that feels a bit claustrophobic is the bedroom, but the creative use of space and streamlined storage ideas are inspiring.

There are additional photos of this project and pictures of Fabre de Marien's other unique renovations on their website (please note that the website is in French, but I've selected the "English" option for readers, so there are some language glitches).

The Slow Home Studio has a great 5-minute video describing the renovation process if you're interested in learning more about it.

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