Inside One of Santa Monica’s Oldest Homes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Built in 1875 and the oldest wooden structure in all of Santa Monica, this Gothic Revival structure was originally conceived as a house of worship and built for a whopping $683.98. It’s been updated throughout the years and now features a much more modern, storage rich interior…a slide show below.

The Santa Monica Conservancy notes: As home to this group, the old church building continued in its role as a place for like-minded residents to come together. In 1971 the building passed into private hands. It is now a private residence.

Viewed today, the building presents a pleasing simplicity accented by the appealing repetition of triangular forms over the windows and doors. Stained glass panels are visible from the street and its original function as a house of worship shines through.

The 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath home was updated with a NYC loft space in mind, using extensive built-in woodwork for shelving and creating a sleeping level, the home’s interior is now described as a “de stijl like”. It’s always fascinating to see how older spaces are reimagined for modern lifestyles and designs, as not everyone who loves vintage era structures necessarily wants to live with antiques for furnishings. We do like the wraparound bookcase and loft space as an idea, but we’re not quite sure how it works in relation to the home itself, as the large loft built-in seems almost separate from the rest of the home’s interior.

What do you think? Does the space work updated or is there too much of a disconnect between the building’s church pedigree and the modern interior?