Inside Out: Charlie Brown's Small Conceptual Piece

Inside Out: Charlie Brown's Small Conceptual Piece

Jill Slater
Sep 12, 2007

Inside Out: A showcase for those who transform their residences into homes via innovative intervention

Name: Charlie Brown
Location: Alexandria, Virginia
Size: 391 square feet studio
Years lived in: 5 years

Charlie Brown is an aspiring interior designer. While the smallness of his home is a challenge, he takes it on with pride, pleasure, and a lot of whimsy.

Charlie believes an "alien would learn how to be human from watching TV." He has thus fully incorporated this concept into the design of his home by filling his studio with sitcom artifacts.

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On a more practical level, Charlie has done his best to utilize every square inch of his space. Closets become rooms, airspace becomes a bedroom, and hallways become reading nooks!

AT Survey:

Style: Eclectic

Inspiration: Aliens that come to earth disguised as humans

Favorite Element: Wind

Biggest Challenge: Figuring out what to get rid of and what to keep. It was easier to keep everything and expand into the closet space.

What Friends Say: "Oh my god is this really where you live?" They usually think I'm showing them a magazine photo....Not yet…

Biggest Embarrassment: Because the bed is so high I never make my bed. It's too hard. You can't tell, except a lot of times people come over for the first time and think that's part of the tour.

Proudest DIY: Everything's IKEA, does that count as do it yourself?

Biggest Indulgence: The Love Sack from Super Sac. Everything in my studio fits so I needed something that went against the grain a little. It's huge but oh so comfortable. You can sit on it from a million different angles which is good for a small space.

Best Advice: Concepts are great but themes are awful. The concept for my place is, "Alien comes to earth disguised as a human." If it was a theme it would look like an alien themed restaurant, and that's no good. I don't live in Roswell and I don't serve burgers.

Dream Source: A television or movie set

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