Inside Out: Josh in Moscow Relocates

Inside Out: Josh in Moscow Relocates

Jill Slater
Aug 29, 2007

Name: Josh
Location: Moscow
Size: 750 sq. ft, 2 bdrm furnished rental in Stalin Era apartment building
Years Lived in: 2 weeks

You may recall Josh from an earlier Inside Out expose. He was recently priced out of that neighborhood and has since relocated to a bigger apartment with yet more Soviet imprints.

This time around, Josh made sure to find an apartment with a bathtub and solid colored walls--no 'stenka,' or wall-to-wall wall unit."

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Although Josh loves living in former Soviet Republics, he often has issues with their interior design practices. So, like last time, he welcomes your thoughts and advice on making his 76 square meters feel more like home.

According to Josh, he scored well with this apartment. He considers it "soviet in style, but tasteful." The apartment is rather spacious for his needs and is of impressive quality. And when he feels like taking a walk through the history of communism and domestic life, he just opens any drawer in the house and is barraged with random artifacts of a bygone, but ever lingering, era.

His plan going forward is to try to foment a "1960's kitch mode, which complements the soviet aspects of the apartment pretty well." He will start shopping in this direction next week and keep us informed on his progress.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Style:Soviet+ IKEA
Inspiration:hmmm. Would have to ask the owners, but would guess some Soviet movie like "Moscow Doesn't Believe in Tears"
Favorite Element: Wooden floors
Biggest Challenge:Large already furnished apartment, trying to camouflage certain large clunky elements, like commodes and wardrobes, and bring the place up to date.
What Friends Say: It's huge and pretty tasteful for Soviet
Biggest Embarrassment: The commode (or in Russian, "Buffet")
Proudest DIY: Haven't really done anything yet except for put labels for "men" and "women" on the bathroom door.
Biggest Indulgence: Haven't done it yet, but looking to get some beaded curtains or something funky.
Best Advice: When looking for a rental in Moscow, go for the Stalin-era structures because they retain heat better and are better in the sound-proofing arena.
Dream Source:hmmmm. IKEA? Anywhere but from here.

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Originally Posted on June 13th, 2007
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